About Pazurgo®


Prepare yourselves, puzzle fans! You are about to be transported to a whole new puzzling world – one you've never known before.

Take a healthy dose of Crosswords, mix in a liberal sampling of Word Searches, season with a dash of Sudoku, and add a secret ingredient comprised of logic, whimsy, trivia, and imagination. Shake it all together and discover a puzzling experience that is fresh, absorbing, and altogether new.

It can be mind sharpening or time killing. It can be competitive or relaxing. It can keep inquiring minds busy on long drives or it can be shared with friends around a table while nursing a steaming cup of coffee or an ice-cold beverage of choice.

In addition to free puzzles online, Pazurgo® is also available as an iPhone App and as a paperback book. Whatever pathway you choose, now is the time to discover how intriguing, stimulating, and challenging Pazurgo® can be.